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Since July 2022, we have informed you via newsletter in several steps about the end of support as well as the final discontinuation of the (v2) version at the end of 2022. Our firmly established v3 version ( will finally replace the existing v2 solution.

As communicated, it will no longer be possible to create new events in version 2.0 as of January 2023. The final discontinuation of the v2 version will take place on March 31, 2023.

All data will of course be backed up and available for download until the end of March 2023.
In this article we will show you how to download this data directly from the platform (v2) from the end of December.

Please note:

In order for you to download your data at this point, the compilation of these files must first be started by a CS staff member. Please contact us via The time it takes to create and deliver the export depends on the quantity and complexity of your events.

To export your data, first click on "My Company" in the menu bar and then on "Export Company Data" on the left side.


Once the process has been triggered by evenito, you can see the following status:


  • On the left side under the column "Creation date" you can see when the process was started.
  • Under "Finished" the status is shown:
    • "No" means that the compilation of the data has not been completed yet. In this case, please return at a later time.
    • "Yes" implies that the compilation was successful.
  • Once the data provisioning process has been completed, you can download it in the "Result" column by clicking on the "Download export" link.

More information:

This export will contain one folder ZIP file) per company, which contains, among other things, an excel file with all evenito users. And in addition it will also contain a folder per event, which contains all image files, fonts and an excel file with all participant data.


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