How do I send emails considering the different categories?

If you have created different emails for different categories, please make sure to choose the corresponding email per category for sending.

Follow these steps:

1. In the respective e-mail template, click on "Sending".

2. Choose the respective category (you know you are in the right email when the tab is coloured dark blue > in the following screenshot "VIP").


3. Then, you are automatically shown the participants of the corresponding category. Select the participants and click "send".

Note: You can also show participants of all categories by clicking on (1.) "Filter this list" and (2.) unselecting any category. Thus, all participants are listed.


4. In order to send emails of a different category, select the email of another category and repeat steps 1-3.

Note on sending with different languages: When sending, the tools checks the language of the participant and selects the appropriate e-mail. If no language is stored for a participant, the default language is used.



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