Subpage "Webcast Page"

Under "Pages" you can embed any 3rd party webcast into evenito. Go to "Add page" and select "WebcastPage". The advantage of embedding a webcast in evenito is that you can still use the tool for participant management and personalized communication.


Website protection and check-in & check-out of participants

You want everyone to be able to access your web stream? Then protect the page with one of the following two options under "page protection".




Every participant who receives a password defined by you, can watch the stream. In order to set a password, select "Password" under "Page security" and enter your desired password in the free text field behind it.

Please note: With this option there is no way to check which participant has watched your stream. The password can also be passed on by the participants to other interested parties.


Participant code

Each participant needs his individual participant code to activate the webcast. If, for example, participant A logs in and gives his participant code to colleague B, participant A will be logged out as soon as the participant code is used by colleague B. Thus, only one stream per participant code can be viewed.

You can send the participant code to the participant via e-mail with the placeholder %participantCode%.

You would prefer that the participant does not have to enter the participant code manually? Then create a link which already contains the participant code:

  1. Link to the event (e.g.
  2. Addition for the participant code: ?code=%participantCode%

The ready-to-send link will then look like this:


Check-in & Check-out

You want to know who attended your online event and watched your stream?

Then activate (after you have selected the page protection "Participant code") the functions "Automatic checkin" and "Automatic checkout".

Automatic checkin: This function checks in the participant as soon as he/she has entered the participant code.

Automatic checkout: If you activate this function, you will later see in the participant export when a participant has logged in and out.


Webcast area (HTML)


Select "Embed a custom stream" from the drop-down menu next to Webcast type. Now you can add the embed code from your stream in the field "Webcast area (HTML)".

Please note that the embed code is not static, so it can be viewed on mobile devices.

You can also add content next to the Webcast (sidebar) or underneath the Webcast. Like in other content windows in evenito, you can do this by adding simple text etc. or also an HTML code.


HTML content in the sidebar (optional)



You would like to show a menu next to the main stream which links e.g. to further external breakout meetings or documents? Then use the area "HTML content in the sidebar".

In the example above the following code was used. But you can insert any HTML code here.

<style type="text/css">
.evenito-banner {
background-color: #f4f4f4;
padding: 20px 0;
.evenito-intro {
padding: 10px;
.evenito-button, .evenito-button:active, .evenito-button:focus {
display: block;
margin: 10px;
padding: 10px 30px;
background-color: #DE323C;
color: #fff;
text-decoration: none;
text-align: center;
.evenito-button:hover, .evenito-button:visited {
color: #ffff;
text-decoration: none;
.evenito-button2, .evenito-button2:active, .evenito-button2:focus {
color: #de323c !important;
text-decoration: none;
background-color: #fff;
<div class="evenito-banner">
<p class="evenito-intro"><strong>Breakout Räume</strong><br>Bitte klicken Sie auf die nachfolgenden Buttons, um teilzunehmen:</p>
<a class="evenito-button" href="LINK" target="_blank">
Room 1
<a class="evenito-button" href="LINK" target="_blank">
Room 2



Customization options:

If you want to add another button, put the following code before the </div>.

<a class="evenito-button" href="LINK" target="_blank">
Room 2

You can change the HEX code colours in the sidebar directly in the code above:

  • Background (Currently grey: #f4f4f4f4 ):

  • Button colour (currently red: #DE323C):

  • Button Text Colour (Currently white: #fff)mceclip7.png

  • You can add the link for the buttons right here in the code: 

Do you want to deposit a document but it is not yet available online? Then upload your desired document to the server as described in THIS article (point 9) and then copy the URL in the tab "Image Info". Insert this link into your code as described above.

  • Finally, change the name of your room


Do you need support or would you like to have an individual sidebar content? Then please contact our support: or via "Submit a request" in the top right-hand corner.





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