How can I embed a video (full responsive)?

On your event website in evenito you can embed any content using an embed code and the "Source" function.

Example Youtube:

1. Look for the video you want to embed on your website.
2. Click "Share" on the right corner below the image. Select "Embed" and copy the code that is shown on the right.


3. In the text editor of the evenito website select the button "Source" and paste the converted code into the content field.


4. Select the "Save" button so the embedding will be published as an iFrame on the website.

Full responsive

  1. If you want your embedded code to be displayed full responsive, open the following website: Paste the link and convert it to an embedding code.
  2. Important: Avoid selecting the "Source" button again after you have inserted the code. Otherwise the embedding will be inserted in the wrong format.

Note: You can also use the function to embed Google Maps, Vimeo and other services.


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