How can I test my event before sending?

From experience, we recommend that you test the event at least one week before sending the first email or starting ticket sales. This is in addition to the articles "Create your first event". 

Make sure that the event and the required emails are activated. Then you can test the following for each language (or category): 

  1. Add yourself as a participant in each language (with the same details as you uploaded the participants in the Excel list). 
  2. Open the event website in "Pages" by "Preview the page in new Tab" and exit Preview mode. 
  3. Control all event pages. 
  4. In "Emails" send all emails as "test emails" to yourself and check them. Here you can also see if the placeholders are correct. 
  5. Open the link in the invitation email and register yourself to check the registration process. 
  6. Delete yourself (now a registered participant) from the system and start again with the next language (or category) at 1.

Are there any questions during the testing? Then you are welcome to look here in the knowledge database or open a ticket - we are there for you. 

We kindly ask you to send emails with more than 3'500 participants between 17:00 in the evening and 08:00 in the morning. Otherwise the sending of emails to other users will be blocked during your sending. If your guest list exceeds 8'000 participants, please inform us about your planned email dispatch in good time.

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