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Many-to-many or Webinar?

Before you start setting up your webevent, you have to decide what kind of webevent you want to create: Many-to-many or webinar?


  • Many-to-Many (Up to 30 participants): This audio and video meeting allows all participants to communicate with each other in a direct conversation (face-to-face) or via group chat. The moderator or presenter has the option of muting all participants simultaneously. Participants can reactivate their microphone independently if they have any questions.


  • Webinar (Up to 80 participants): It is a unique feature of webinars that the moderator(s) or presenter(s) lead(s) the webevent. They are e. g. responsible for granting participants audio and video permission. To give audio and video rights to a participant, the moderator/presenter has to press the "LIVE" button (greyed out) in the lists below the participants name. The button now turns red and the participant is broadcasting with video and audio.
    Please note: in order for a participant to be set LIVE, the participant has to have his camera and microphone enabled first.


Participants have the possibility of exchanging information during the event, e. g. by commenting in the group chat, sending private messages to the moderator or signing up by hand signal.

Set up your webevent type

After logging into the webevent, click on "Settings" on the right hand side:

Within the settings Bildschirmfoto_2020-06-05_um_10.06.44.png you can check or change your device settings. This article will show you how to do this. 

Scroll through the settings to get to the "Class mode" section. This is where you can choose between "Virtual classroom" (Many-to-many) or "Webinar".


Confirm your selection with "Close".

Next step: General setup

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