Set up your Webevent Global in evenito

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Set up your Webevent Global in evenito 

Create a new webevent

You want to create your webevent from scratch? In this article we will show you how to create an event in evenito and explain the most important functions and settings.

Set up your webevent

After entering all relevant data about the event, including content and design, you now add your new webevent.

To do so, select the menu item "meetings" on the left side below the tab "Webevents".

You can store the following information:


  1. Name of your webevent
  2. Your meeting room. Please note: If you are setting up a webevent for the first time, there is no room available for you to choose from. 
  3. Set the date along with the start and end time. Your participants can log into the webevent as of the defined beginning. 
  4. Add a logo
  5. As of now, only participants who have already registered for your event and assigned a participant code in the system can take part in your event. Further information about the participant code can be found here (28. Participant Code)
  6. You want to know who participated in your web event? Activate our “automatic check-in” function via the checkbox. 
  7. By activating or deactivating this checkbox you can control whether the participants in the webevent will see the participant list or not. For the moderator(s) the list remains visible even if the checkbox is unchecked.
  8. By activating or deactivating this function, you can show or hide the Q&A chat in the webevent. If you hide it, neither participants nor moderators can use it. For more information about the Q&A chat, click  here.
  9. Same applies for the group chat. 

Once you have defined all settings, click on "save".


Now you get an updated view. This contains among others things:

  1. The URL to the web event. Please note: this will take you to your event website first. Then enter the participant code manually to enter the web event. Here we show you how your participants can directly participate in the web event without entering their code.
  2. The name of your meeting room. This cannot be changed!
  3. The logo you uploaded before will appear here.
  4. A direct access to join the event as a moderator.

Next step: Define your moderator(s)


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