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Registration confirmation with access to the webevent

Setup of the registration confirmation

Set up your email communication in evenito. Create a registration confirmation email which the participant will receive as soon as he/she has registered for your event via the registration form.

Click here to find out how to set up an email communication in evenito.

After you have made all the visual and content settings, add the URL of your web event and the personal participant code. Thereby you have 2 options:

  • Option 1: Insert the URL of the webevent into the confirmation email and add the placeholder "pers. Participant Code" separately. Your participants and moderators will now be directed to your event website and have to log in by themselves with their participant code.
  • Option 2 (recommendation): Create a personal login link which already contains the participant code. Your moderators and participants click on this link and will automatically be forwarded to the web event. It’s basically the same procedure as for the personal login link in the invitation. 

Create a personal login link to the webevent

Proceed as following:

  1. Go back to the "Meetings" menu under "Webevents".
  2. Copy the URL behind "Webevent URL" to your clipboard.
  3. Go back to your set up registration confirmation email under "Emails"
  4. Add a new button in your email draft and paste the copied URL in the URL line under "Link type".
  5. Now add the personal participant code. Proceed as described below:
  • insert the placeholder for the personal participant code (%participantCode%) after ?code= to the copied webevent URL. Make sure that there are no spaces before and after the % sign.
  • Example:

You can also send your link to your participants at a later date (e. g. one week before the event).


Additional information for participants and moderators

Make sure that you place the following information in your email:

  • Recommendation on supported browsers: "We recommend you to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox."
  • Note on audio and video settings: "When you log in, please activate your webcam and microphone in the pop-up window. Also make sure your browser that your browser is allowed to use the microphone and camera."
  • Parallel participation with the same participant code is not possible. However, participants can log out of the web event and dial in again.
  • Note on the type and manner of the webevent (optional): Brief description webinar: "In webinars, moderators or presenters will lead your web event. They are responsible for granting audio and video permission. Please note: During the event you cannot see or hear the other participants. You have e. g. the opportunity to raise your hand, to comment in the group chat and to send private messages to the moderator(s)."

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