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General setup


After you have entered your webevent, at first you will see the menu bar at the top.

This contains the following elements:

The menu items Chat, Playlist, Participants and Notes described below can be shown or hidden as desired. They are displayed underneath each other on the right side of the webevent tool.

The sidebar with webcam images of the moderators and participants is displayed at the bottom. This sidebar can be flexibly switched on and off.

Camera / microphone

The camera and microphone icons allow you to turn these two features on and off. If this is not possible, please check the following options.

Please note: The special feature of webinars is that one or more moderators lead the webevent. They are responsible to grant participants audio and video permissions. The voice and video function is switched off for participants by default. During the event the participants cannot see or hear each other.


With the help of tabs the content and the implementation of the event as well as the communication between the moderators and/or participants can be controlled. 

Please note: Participants can only see the tabs marked with *.



Within the settings image-4.png for once you can check or change your device settings. This article will show you how to do this.

You want to view the webevent in full size on your entire screen? Then click on the menu item “Full screen”. To leave the full screen mode, click on the escape key.

The event was set up in English by default, so that the described functions and tabs are also displayed in English. To change the language, please click on the menu item “Select language”. In addition to English, you can choose from German, French, Spanish and Italian.

End webevent

You have successfully accomplished your webevent and want to end it for all participants? To do so, click on the following icon Bildschirmfoto_2020-06-05_um_10.18.46.png. A pop-up window opens. Confirm with "Yes, end session". 

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