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In the Many-to-Many view, up to 25 people can be displayed simultaneously with their webcam images. The participants can all see and communicate with each other. 


Please note: Therefore it is important that no action is executed in "Tools". This means e. g. no screen is shared, no video is playing and no whiteboard is displayed. 

Presenter view

There are two possible perspectives:

Option 1 - Moderator switches from the Many-to-Many view to the "presenter view". This allows him to be displayed in full-screen mode while the other participants are displayed at the bottom of the webcam sidebar.

Option 2 - The moderator or presenter, for example, shares his screen and is now displayed within a small image (by default in the upper left corner). However, this image can be moved to a different location by the participants using drag and drop. 

Please note: The image cannot be enlarged in this view.


To switch to the "Presenter" mode, follow these steps:

  1. Mouse-over your video frame or the presenter's video frame. 
  2. Select the "Image" icon:
  3. The selected person immediately becomes the "presenter".
  4. If you would like to pass the word to another person, simply click on their picture and follow the procedure described above. That person will immediately become the presenter.

Please note: Only one person can be displayed as "presenter" at the same time.

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