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The Participants tab is visible to both, the moderator and the participants. While the participants can only see who is participating in this web event, the moderator has additional functions available.

“Live” and “camera/microphone” buttons


If you want to grant audio/video rights to a participant, press the "Live" button (greyed out) below the participant's name. Once this button is highlighted in red, the participant will be able to speak and join the conversation via video. To do so, he or she must activate his or her camera and/or microphone. In this article we will show you how. 

In addition, the moderator has the option to activate or deactivate the participants' end devices. To do so, click on the camera/microphone icon below the participant's name. 

Please note: The participant has to enable and activate these end devices first in his or her browser.

Using the "Mute all" button, the moderator can also mute all participants at once.


The moderator has the possibility to assign specific permissions to the participants:

  • Share their screen: allows selected participants to share their screen
  • Play shared files: allows selected participants to access the playlist and control the playback of shared files.
  • Draw on whiteboard & annotations: allows selected participants to draw on the whiteboard and annotate the played files.
  • Write notes: allows selected participants to edit or add notes.
  • Set participant as moderator: the participant now receives the same rights as existing moderators.

To set these permissions, mouse-over the name of the participant and click on the drop-down arrow on the right-hand side. The field will now be extended by the options described.

To activate one (or more) action(s), click on the corresponding checkbox(es).

Please note: Moderators are marked in the participant list with a white star symbol on a green background.

Raise hand

There is an additional function in the participant overview: image-1.png

If a participant clicks on the raise hand symbol, it will be displayed in the list behind the name of this participant. 

The moderator has an eye out for this and can grant the participant audio or video rights.

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