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Allocation of participants

This tool allows you to split larger sessions into smaller groups. You can automatically or manually divide each participant into different virtual rooms. In each virtual breakout room, participants will become moderators and can therefore use all the tools of the main room.


  1. First click on Tools > Breakout
  2. Assign your participants to the breakout rooms:
    1. automatically: this will randomly assign participants to different rooms. The participants are distributed evenly among the available secondary rooms
    2. manually: via drag and drop you can assign your participants to certain breakout rooms
  3. You also have the possibility to define a time limit for the duration of the breakout sessions. To disable the time limit, simply uncheck the checkbox.
  4. Then click on "Breakout". Your participants will automatically be redirected to their assigned breakout rooms.

Manage your breakout room

Click on the "Manage Breakout" button at the top to access the Breakout Manager. Now you have the possibility to

  1. reassign participants by “drag ‘n’ drop”  from one room to another. 
  2. jump from the "main room" into a breakout room. Either click on the name of the room you want to join:
    or click on "join" when the following message appears:

  3. jump from one breakout room to another by selecting another room in the drop-down menu. To return to the main room, click "return to Breakout Manager" on the left.
  4. send messages to all breakout rooms:


Enter a text in the message field and click on "send". The message is now displayed as a pop-up in the breakout rooms.

Extend the duration of breakout sessions

If you have set a breakout duration, the breakout will end automatically as soon as the time limit is exhausted. You know have two options on how to continue: 

  1. You can extend the duration e. g. by another 10 minutes. Click "add 10 Min" to extend the breakout duration.
  2. Or you can end the breakout manually. To do so, click on "Manage Breakout" and "End Breakout". The participants are automatically returned to the main room.

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