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Moderators can create notes, while session participants get those updates in real time. This allows participants to follow e. g. important discussion points.

Create notes

When the menu item “Notes” is opened for the first time, a new note is automatically going to be created. Alternatively, you can add a new note using the green plus sign in the right corner.


If you click on "Broadcast Note", the note field will automatically be opened and displayed to your participants. All participants can now follow the text you enter in real time.

To receive an overview of all your notes, click on the left arrow above the note mask.

Editing options

To edit an existing note, simply click on it.

If you want to rename a created note, proceed as described below:

    • Mouse-over your note.
    • On the right side you will see an arrow. Click on it. 
    • The first option in the drop-down menu is "Rename". 
    • You can enter the new name within the pop-up window. 
    • Confirm your changes with "save".

Using the way described above (Arrow > Dropdown), there are even more options:

    • Download notes. Notes can be downloaded as PDF files with branding of your event or organisation.
    • Add the note to your documents under "Files" (a new "Notes" folder is created automatically) 
    • Delete your note.

If you are still inside a note, the editing options described above are also available within this menu image-1.png .

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