Whiteboards in Webevent Global


The following functionalities are available on the whiteboard:


  1. The following icon image-1.png allows you to show or hide the actual whiteboards on the left side and thus control the size of the board.
  2. The left or right arrow allows you to undo or restore the last changes. 
  3. Cursor: Use the cursor tool to select drawn objects and then move or edit them and change their size.
  4. Laser mouse cursor: If you use this function, the participants can follow your cursor. Each participant has his own laser pointer, which is identified by the name of the participant.
  5. Pencil: drawing tool.
  6. Eraser: to delete created content.
  7. Highlighter: to highlight content on the whiteboard or in the presentation.
  8. Text icon: if you click on the whiteboard, the text box appears. Enter your text and click on the board outside the text field to publish it.
  9. Polygon: With this tool you can draw various shapes.
  10. Formatting tools: to adjust line widths, colors, etc.
  11. Camera: you can create a snapshot and add it to the whiteboard.
  12. Background: You can choose between a white background and various check patterns.
  13. Using the 3 dots image-2.png above the board on the right side you can also delete all content. You can choose to clear only the board you are currently on ("Clear this board") or delete all boards ("Clear all boards").
  14. You also have the possibility to add another whiteboard via "Add Board".
  15. You want to close the "Whiteboard" tool? Then click on the "X" on the right above the board. 

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