Mirofone/Webcam hardware not detected

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Mikrofon/Webcam-Hardware not detected

Your microphone/headset and webcam are not displayed in the system settings? Please check if they are connected correctly.

Hardware correctly connected?

  1. Check if your microphone/headset and webcam are correctly connected to your computer. A loose connection could prevent correct output even if the device appears to be plugged in. 
  2. Unplug the cable - whether it's an audio jack or a USB cable - and plug it back in securely. 
  3. Alternatively, plug in another device to test if it can successfully be recognized by your computer. 

Check device compatibility (wired headphones)



Apart from the original wired headphones from Apple, Mac only supports USB microphones. If you for example want to connect your bluetooth headset to your computer via cable (as for example your computer can't connect bluetooth), you need a USB adapter. Otherwise, you'll receive an audio output but won't be able to communicate through your microphone.


A computer offers the possibility to connect a microphone via both the audio jack and USB port. 

Please note: Connecting a headset (see picture above on the left) does not necessarily mean that you’re actually connecting your microphone. It may be that the connection to your computer is not a double connection (both inputs/outputs in one port), only a single-port. This sends only the sound to your headset, which gives you audio output but does not allow you to communicate through your microphone.

Check device compatibility (bluetooth headphones)

You don’t hear other moderators/participants or sounds of any kind? Make sure your Bluetooth headphones are working properly.

  1. Check whether your headphones are fully charged and switched on.
  2. Make sure your headphones were initiated by your computer:


  • Click on the Start button (Windows icon) at the bottom left of your desktop
  • Enter "bluetooth" in the search field and open "Bluetooth and other devices”
  • Make sure your Bluetooth is activated and a connection to your headphones is established. Otherwise add them as follows:
  • Click on "Bluetooth" under "Add device" and select your headphones.  


    1. Go to “system preferences” Bildschirmfoto_2020-06-17_um_16.39.35.png
    2. Open the bluetooth settings
    3. Make sure your bluetooth is activated and a connection to your headphones is established:


Check computer settings (Windows 10)

Check your microphone and camera settings. We show you how to do this in this article: Operating system blocks microphone/webcam

Check computer settings (MacOS)

Check your microphone and camera settings. We show you how to do this in this article: Operating system blocks microphone/webcam

Install/update drivers

Already tried the solutions listed above, but your device is still not displayed or  does not work? 

In this case you may need to install a new driver. Drivers are usually installed and updated automatically. However, for a variety of reasons, automatic installation or updating may have been disabled and may prevent your device from working properly. 

Please check the device manufacturer's website to see if new drivers (for updating) are available and how to install them.

Further assistance

You have checked and applied the listed hotfixes, but your audio and video transmission still does not work?

If so, we are happy to help you with further articles from our troubleshooting knowledge database. If these do not lead to a solution, please contact your event organizer.

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