Managing files within Webevent Global

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Managing files within Webevent Global 

Within the tab Files you can upload and manage files. This menu item is only accessible for moderators.


Upload files

You have the possibility to import single documents and structure them in folders.

Add folders

  • Select the "Add folder" button.
  • Enter a folder name in the pop-up window for adding a folder.
  • Click “Save” to create the folder.

Add files

  • Either select the "Add Files" button or simply drag and drop a file from your desktop to the folder.
  • The files are imported directly into the folder you are currently in.

You can upload the following file types: .pdf, .mp4, .jpg and .png.

View files

For example, to play a video, select the corresponding file and click on "Play". 

Alternatively, you can add your file(s) to the "Playlist" tab via "Add to Playlist". This will allow you to access them at a later time (e. g. during your webevent).

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