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Screen sharing

Screen sharing options

Within "Tools" you can select the option "Desktop Share" to either share

  • your entire screen,
  • a specific window or 
  • an individual chrome tab.


  1. Share entire screen (default option): If you are using multiple screens, you can choose which screen window to share. This option offers flexibility as you can move around in different applications and windows at the same time and your participants can track your movements. On the other hand, you have the least control over what you share at any given time.
  2. Application windows: Choose an open application window to share only this specific view with your participants. The application cannot be hidden or minimized.
  3. Chrome tab: Select an individual browser tab. Please note: This option is only available for Google Chrome!

After you have made your selection, click the "share" button to start broadcasting.

Stop screen sharing

To stop screen sharing, click "X" on the right above the presentation area or alternatively click "Stop Desktop" on the left above the presentation area.

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