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You can't connect to the server or don't see/hear your moderators or participants?

Then apply the following hot-fixes:

Which browser do you use?

You want to open the webevent with the Safari browser or Microsoft Edge? Change your browser. 

In order to have the best possible quality, we recommend you to participate in your webevent using the browsers Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Is your browser up to date?

Make sure that your browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) is up to date before participating in the webevent. 

Use this link to check the version of your browser and find out if there are any updates: https://browser-update.org/de/update-browser.html 

Internet available and stable?

There may be quality instabilities from your internet connection or your because your company's network is blocking the connection. 

Alternatively, create a hotspot with your mobile phone. In this article we show you how to do this.

Hardware connected correctly?

  1. Check if your microphone/headset and webcam are correctly connected to your computer. A loose connection may prevent proper output even when the device appears to be plugged in.
  2. Unplug the cable - whether it's an audio jack or a USB cable - and plug it back in thight. 
  3. Alternatively, try connecting another device to see if it can be successfully recognized by your computer.

Do you have another device at your disposal?

The event is running and you need an alternative quick solution? If you have a second computer, try to open the event on this device. Alternatively, you can participate via smartphone or tablet. 

Further assistance

You have checked and applied the listed hotfixes, but your audio and video transmission still does not work?

If so, we are happy to help you with further articles from our troubleshooting knowledge database. If these do not lead to a solution, please contact your event organizer.

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