Other applications block microphone/webcam

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Other applications block microphone/webcam

When you join your webevent and/or want to activate your end devices (microphone/webcam), you may see the pop-up window "Your Media Devices Are Unavailable".  


The reason could be that another application is using your webcam and/or microphone.

Solution approach:

  1. Check whether you have other applications running which are currently accessing your webcam/microphone.
  2. No application is actively accessing your devices, but you recently accessed Skype or similar websites/applications?
    Proceed as following:
    1. Close the applications 
    2. Use the task manager (Windows) to ensure that the application has actually been terminated.
  3. Update your webevent in the browser.
  4. Occasionally webcam and microphone drivers get stuck in the background. Therefore restart your device. 

Further assistance

You have checked and applied the listed hotfixes, but your audio and video transmission still does not work?

If so, we are happy to help you with further articles from our troubleshooting knowledge database. If these do not lead to a solution, please contact your event organizer.

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