Browser blocks Mikrophon/Webcam

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Browser blocks microphone/webcam

When you enter your webevent and/or want to activate your end devices (microphone/webcam), you may see the pop-up window "Your Media Devices Are Unavailable".  


Allow access to your devices to enable your webcam and microphone

Solution for Chrome 


  1. Click the lock icon on the left side of the browser bar to display the device permissions in the pop-up window.
  2. Make sure that you have enabled "Allow" in the drop-down box next to camera and microphone.
    1. You can’t see these symbols? Follow the instructions below "Camera and microphone icons are not displayed".
  3. To close the pop-up window, click on the lock icon
  4. Refresh your browser window.

Camera and microphone icons are not displayed

  1. Click on this symbol in the top right corner of your browser: Bildschirmfoto_2020-06-15_um_14.59.51.png
  2. Open the "settings"
  3. Click on the menu item "security and privacy”
  4. Scroll down to the "security and privacy” item
  5. Select "website settings"
  6. Scroll to "Permissions" and select "Camera" and "Microphone".
  • Camera
    • Activate the checkbox behind "Ask before access (recommended)"
    • Click on the arrow symbol behind the URL of the webevent
    • Make sure that "Allow" is enabled in the drop-down box behind camera.
  • Microphone
    • follow the described approach as under “Camera"

Solution for Firefox

  1. You find the camera and microphone icon on the left side of the browser barIf one of the devices is blocked, it is displayed with a slash through. Click on the camera and microphone symbols. 
    1. You can’t see these symbols? Follow the instructions below "camera and microphone icons are not displayed".
  2. Click on the corresponding "X" behind "Blocked Temporarily" (next to the camera or microphone).
  3. Refresh your browser window.
  4. Click on "Allow" in the pop-up window:

Camera and microphone icons are not displayed

You can’t see the crossed-out camera and microphone icons?

  1. Click on the lock icon instead.
  2. In the next step, click on the arrow to the right of "Connection secure"
  3. Select "more information"
  4. Another pop-up window "Page information" opens.
  5. Select the "Permissions" tab and scroll down to "Use camera" and/or "Use microphone".
  6. Deselect the checkbox for "Use default". The setting options "Always ask", "Allow" and "Block", which were previously greyed out, are now enabled..
  7. Switch the setting to "Allow". 
  8. Close the window. The changes made will automatically be saved. 
  9. Click on the lock icon in the browser bar to doublecheck. In "Permissions" the settings "Use camera" and "Use microphone" should now be set to "allowed”.
  10. If it doesn’t, restart your browser.

Further assistance

You have checked and applied the listed hotfixes, but your audio and video transmission still does not work?

If so, we are happy to help you with further articles from our troubleshooting knowledge database. If these do not lead to a solution, please contact your event organizer.

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