Registration and procedure if waiting list active

In this article we explain the procedure of the waiting list as soon as it is possible to register for it. This is a continuation of the article "Setting up the waiting list".

Waiting list active

As soon as the defined number of participants is reached, the registration mask of the waiting list will be opened. This is displayed on the website as follows.


When a participant signs up on the waiting list, he/she will automatically be placed on the waiting list (not on the participant list anymore). He or she will also automatically receive the waiting list confirmation e-mail, if this is activated.


Free space on the participants list

If a participant deregisters and a place becomes available, you have two possibilities. You can manually or automatically create the further steps to invite participants to the participant list. 

Manual invitation from a participant on the waiting list

  1. Direct registration by the participant on the waiting list: Same as for the participant list, the status can be adjusted manually. If you want to register a participant on the waiting list manually, you can set the status to "Confirmed". He will be transferred directly to the participant list and the confirmation email will be sent to him.
  2. Send manual invitation: You can also manually send the participant an invitation email, which he has to use to confirm his registration again. It is important that this e-mail is sent via the "Waiting list" tab. 

Automatic invitation of participants on the waiting list

  • As mentioned in the article on setting up the waiting list, the settings for automatic invitation must be made under "Settings". 
  • As soon as a participant deregisters and a place becomes available, the first guest (according to the "first come, first serve" principle) on the waiting list receives an invitation by e-mail. With the personal link in the e-mail, the guest is taken to the registration mask. With the registration he is transferred from the waiting list to the participant list and his status changes from "Waiting" to "Confirmed". 
  • If he/she unsubscribes, his/her status in the waiting list is changed to "Unsubscribed" and the next person receives the invitation email.


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