Setting up the waiting list

In the following article we will show you how to create a waiting list. This can be used, for example, if you have a limited number of participants but still want to give other people the opportunity to sign up to a list in case someone unsubscribes. We will explain the most important functions and settings. For specific functions we refer you to the corresponding articles. The waiting list with ticketing is not yet possible.

To activate this function, please contact us.

Waiting list settings

As soon as we have activated the function, the waiting list will appear on the left side in the division "Participant Management".

If you click on it, you will get to the overview page of the waiting list. You will see the list of participants who have placed themselves on the waiting list. If you switch to the settings, you can make changes as needed:

  1. The expiry time of the invitation link is the time when the link should no longer be valid. If the participant on the waiting list receives an invitation by e-mail and does not open it within the desired time, the link becomes invalid and the invitation is sent to the next person on the waiting list. The principle is "first come, first serve".
  2. The maximum number of invitations per participant defines how many emails are sent to the participant. After the time defined above (1.) expires, the link will be sent to the next person on the waiting list. This process will continue until someone registers or a maximum number of invitations is defined.
  3. In the drop-down menu you can choose for which category an automatic invitation should be sent if someone gets deregistered.

Activating the waiting list

  1. If you switch to the Categories, you can select the corresponding box to activate the waiting list for the desired category.
  2. In order to activate the waiting list, you should define the maximum number of participants per category.
  3. In addition, the maximum number of persons on the waiting list can be limited.

Set up the email

The mails can be set up in the corresponding division. There is a template for the "waiting list confirmation". This mail is sent as soon as someone has signed up for the waiting list. Furthermore there is a template for the confirmation when a person changes from the waiting list to the participant list and thus participates in the event. There is also the possibility to add links with placeholders. The corresponding placeholder for the waiting list is called "Participant Waiting List Registration Link".


The waiting list is managed via the settings on the registration subpage. As soon as the event is full, a system notification is displayed that you can now subscribe to the waiting list. Then you will be redirected to the normal registration form. There you can also ask further questions, which are only displayed for the waiting list page. This is set in the additional questions via the drop-down of visibility.



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