Print Badge with Check-in App

Badge-Printing allows you to print the badge live at the event with the Check-in App. 

You should make the following preparations before the event:

  • Put on your badge: Create badge. Note: the badge can be created for different categories and languages.
  • Download the latest version of the check-in app.
  • Perform a test print to make sure the layout matches the badge window.

At the event:

1. Connect your iPad to the Wifi and log in as usual on the evenito Check-in App. 

2. Select the appropriate event.

3. As soon as the event opens, the guest list appears.

4. Open the settings before you start the check-in.

5. Activate the badge-print function. 

6. Once badge printing is activated, the function to select the printer will appear. Select the desired Air-Print printer by pressing "Pair Printer". Once the printer is connected, the status changes to "connected" and the printer icon (7.) turns green.

Please note:

The printer and app must be in the same wifi for a connection to be established. If the printer is still not visible in the app, please check your network settings. You may have to define network shares to make the devices visible and usable among each other.

8. The immediate badge printing function is not supported by evenito. Please print the badge manually on the participant by "Print name badge".



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