Manual Nametag App & Live-Tagging

As soon as all preparations have been made and the event has been selected, this page opens in the app:

  1. Connection: Check if the app is connected to the internet (= top left green)
  2. Photographer: Check if the correct photographer is selected (otherwise log out again and log in again). 
  3. Enter the photo number (from the photographer's camera) to be tagged (e.g. 1 for photo number 0001). 
  4. Set nametags: Click on "Set Nametags" for photos on which persons are to be tagged. The tagging window will open (see below). 
  5. Stop nametags from here: For photos that should not be tagged (e.g. impression photos) click on "Stop nametags from here".
  6. Percentage bar: A general overview is displayed, how many persons (percentage) per category have already been tagged.
  7. 2 Do List: Click on "2 Do List" to open a page with the guest list. If a person has already been tagged, the photo number(s) will appear behind their name. At the bottom of the page you can click on "not tagged" to see the names of all persons not (yet) tagged.
  8. List of Nametags: An overview of all photo numbers that have already been tagged appears here, including the tagged persons.
    Here you can click on the photo number to adjust the tags or to change the photo number afterwards.

This is how you tag a photo with people (connection to Set Nametags):

  1. Tag the people in the order they appear in the image (from left to right). Search in the search field for the desired person(s). They are displayed if they have already been uploaded as participants in evenito.
  2. If a person is not on the guest list, it can be added manually via "Add new Participants".
  3. If the data of a person should be adapted, click on the edit button.
  4. If a tag should be deleted, click on the recycle bin.
  5. The order of the tags can be changed by drag & drop. 
  6. Click on save (top or bottom right) as soon as the nametags have been set correctly. 

INFO: If several photos are taken by the same persons, these persons only have to be tagged at the first photo number. The nametags are automatically repeated until the next photo number that has a tag or stop nametag.

After the tags have been saved, the start page of the Nametag app appears again. Enter the next photo number that should be tagged and set the desired tags. 

Tip: After the last photo, check that the app is still connected to the Internet (left) and right click on "Sync" to make sure all nametags have been saved. 

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