Instructions Check-in App

Once all preparations have been made, you can start checking in your guests. Please note the following information:

  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to WLAN
  • Open Evenito Check-in App and login with evenito Login
  • Select Event (Notice: Only the events of the upcoming and past 10 days are shown in the app). These are all functions:
  1. All / Sync: Here you can see how many guests are checked in and whether the I-Phone or I-Pad is connected. The synchronization may take a few seconds.
  2. Search guest: Search guest by last name and check in manually (Attention: Search with space does not work). This is useful if a guest has forgotten the ticket.
  3. Filter: Here you can filter who you want to check in. If a guest has registered, you can only find him manually if you include the filters "not registered". Under the filters you can also select a category (e.g. for a VIP entrance). If no category is selected, guests of all categories will be checked in.
  4. Checkbox: Here you can see whether a guest is checked in and if so, at what time.
  5. Category
  6. More details: By clicking on the name, you get more details like names of the companions.
  7. Edit Guest: Here you can adjust the details of the guests, e.g. the name is spelled incorrectly.
  8. Settings - Activate Quick Check-in: If Quick Check-in is enabled, every guest whose QR code has been scanned will be automatically checked in (the frame will turn green as confirmation). For guests who pay cash, a window will appear to remind you that the guest should still pay. Once the amount has been collected, you can simply tap the Receive XY CHF button and the guest is checked in.
  9. Camera: If the camera is activated, a window appears in the upper part with the camera section for recording the QR codes. If Quick Check-in is not activated: Scan the ticket and check in guests manually (check the box). Attention: The camera is very sensitive and quickly detects codes that have a certain distance.
  10. Add additional guests

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