Invoice overview

In the ticketing under "Invoices" the invoices of an event can be viewed and edited. The following screenshot shows this tab with the filter unfolded. It can be extended with the green "Filter" button in the middle. 

  1. Filter: Here you can filter the invoices. 
  2. Time: The date on which the invoice was created. Click on the date to sort the invoices. 
  3. State: The invoices can be filtered by status, e.g. to find open invoices.
  4. Payment method: Depending on the activated payment method, you can filter which payment methods should be displayed.
  5. Invoice number: The invoice number can either be entered in the search field. Alternatively, you can sort by invoice number.
  6. Client company: With a click here these details can be sorted alphabetically.
  7. First name / Last name: You can also sort by name. 
  8. Tickets: Here you can filter by the number of tickets per invoice.
  9. Amount: You can filter by the value of the ticket. 
  10. Actions: This button makes it possible to mark an invoice as paid, to download it as PDF or to open the invoice details.
  11. Export List: With this green button you can export an overview as Excel list of the invoices.
  12. Total amount of sold and cancelled tickets as overview. 
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