Ticket Design & Settings: Tab "Bill"

In the tab "Bill" the bill data can be stored and the bill can be set up.

Please fill in all fields:

  • Billing Sender: Organization that sells the ticket.
  • Bank Details: Account to which the ticket buyers should transfer the money.
  • Payment Details: Payment term & currency, in the payment term you can simply take a number (without the word "days") e.g. 30 and the system will set the term to 30 days. The currency can also be selected here. Please note that we currently only offer and support CHF in the system.
  • Billing text: Individual text, e.g. cancellation conditions, this can be set up in several languages if the event is multilingual.

If you do not have any information, you can simply add a dot ".". 

As soon as you click on "Save" at the bottom, a preview of the invoice will be displayed at the bottom left of the page. 

Info: The logo at the top right of the invoice is stored in the menu "My own company" → "General". If it is changed, all invoices in all events of your company will be provided with the new logo.

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