Manually load event photos into the Evenito Photo Gallery

In order for photos to be uploaded to the event website after the event, the following must be observed.

  1. Photo gallery: In Content & Page the photo gallery must be set up and active.
  2. Program: In Content & Page the page program must be set up. It does not (but can) have to be set to active.
    Important: at least one program point must be stored.
  3. Go to "Photos"
  4. Select the desired program item (the selected program item is displayed in dark blue).
  5. Upload the selected images right in the program item (upload photos photographed by).
  6. Important: if you have used our nametagging app for the event, you have to upload the photos under the deposited photographer
  7. As soon as the photos are uploaded, they will appear on the event website in the photo gallery under the selected program point.
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