Placeholders in emails

The evenito mailing offers you several placeholders, which allow you a personalized communication by including the participant data automatically in the emails. 

To insert a placeholder, click on in the content and then in the Menu on "More" (1.): 

 The following overview of all placeholders then appears:

1. Look for the desired placeholder in the corresponding category.

2. By clicking on the placeholder, a description, the written code and an example will appear on the right.

3. Insert the placeholder into the content. 

Important: For the placeholders to work correctly, the corresponding data must be available in evenito (e.g. via the Excel upload of the guest list). Example: If the placeholder salutation is used, the salutation must be deposited with each guest. Evenito shows whether the placeholder can be used or not (= whether the required data is stored in the system).

  • If the placeholder appears green, the data is stored for all participants. Placeholders can be used.
  • If the placeholder appears orange, the corresponding information is missing for at least one person. Placeholder should not be used.
  • If the placeholder appears red, the corresponding information is missing for all participants. Placeholder should not be used. 

Important information regarding email sending:

  • To be able to send out the emails to your guests, the event and the email itself must be activated.
  • All emails must be sent manually. Except the registration- and deregistration-confirmation email as well as the "Retrieve Code" and "Partner Invitation" email are automatically sent (if they are activated).
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