Participant Details/Activities

You can edit an existing participant by clicking on the 1. green button.

2. Depending on the type of the event (with/without ticketing), the opened guest window offers you the possibility to edit participant data of an individual guest. 

3. Edit the personal information

  • Note here which placeholders you use. If, for example, you use the placeholder %participantGender% in one of your mails, you should definitely fill in the participant field "Salutation". 
  • More about the manual entry or editing of participants can be found in the article: Add participants: Add/edit person manually

4. Edit/enter company information. 

3. Billing information (at the ticketing event)


a. Discount settings

  • You can enter the discounts without a percentage sign at the end. 
  • In the column "Number of tickets" enter the number of tickets for which the discount should apply. 
  • The column "Redeemed" shows how many of the tickets with discount have already been used by the guest.

b. Deposit/edit the invoice details

c. Invoice number

d. Payment status

e. Payment method

f. Cancel invoice

  • If a participant has a valid ticket, he cannot be deleted from evenito.
  • In order to delete it, you must cancel the invoice for the ticket. You can do this by clicking the red button "Cancel invoice".

6. Participant activities, the activities of the individual guest (e.g. registration/deregistration, data change) are listed chronologically. 

7. Participant Files

  • List of the files that are stored with the participant.
  • These can be invoices or tickets, as well as documents which were uploaded in the registration.

a. Type (ticket, invoice, registration document)

b. Creation Date

c. Download

d. Update file

Participants Overview

If you click on the name of a guest in the participant menu, a window appears with the overview of the individual guest.

You cannot change any information in this window, but you will get an overview of your guest and his activities.

1. Personal data of the guest.

2. Information about the company and function of the guest.

3. Information as to whether the assistance is included in the communication. If yes, Information like name, email of the assistant can be seen.

4. Billing information

5. Login information: Overview of the guest's questions/answers.

6. Under Event Actions all activities of the guest are displayed chronologically.

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