Filter Function

The filter bar can be expanded with the green button 1. "Filter this list" and includes the following functions:

With the filter function you can filter the participant list in different ways to display the guests according to the desired criteria.

2. Guest category

3. Ticket type (only for Ticketing Event)

4. Registration status

5. Payment status (only for ticketing event)

6. Check-in status 

7. Searching for name, function, company, host, guest code etc. in the search window

Note: Please enter only one value here, such as first or last name, as the search does not accept any spacing

8. Select

a. Select all: selects the filtered participants.

b. Invert selection: selects the persons who are currently not selected (and vice versa).

c. Reset selection: resets the selection.

9. Actions

The following functions are possible using "Actions":

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