Add Participants: Upload Excel Participant List

Evenito has an innovative Excel import tool. You can import any type of Excel and assign the relevant content via Drag & Drop.

Please note before the upload:

  • The Excel should not contain any macros and should only consist of one worksheet. 
  • Each value (first name, last name, email etc.) must be stored in the Excel list in an individual column. 
  • At least two of the following three values must be uploaded for each guest: First name, surname and email address. Otherwise an error message will appear and the guest will not be imported. 
  • The Excel cannot contain "infinite" cells.
  • Pay attention to placeholders of the emails
  • Example: Various placeholders can be used in the mails, such as the salutation (%participantGreeting%). If such placeholders are used, the corresponding information must be stored in the participant list in evenito. More about this under Emails and Placeholders.

Upload Excel File

Select "Upload Excel Participant List" under "Add participants to List", look for your list of participants and upload it. The following window will open:

1. Automatic assignment

  • As soon as you have uploaded the Excel, evenito automatically assigns the values to the individual columns. 
  • The green buttons show which values are in each column. 
  • Check the assignment. If necessary, you can change the descriptions using Drag & Drop.

2. Manual assignment

  • If the definition does not work properly, you can drag and drop it to the corresponding column. 
  • Example: The "Salutation" column does not have this assignment. Now select the button "Salutation" from above and drag and drop it down to the "x". 

3. Delete column or row

  • Click directly on the red cross 
  • or drag the green value from the field to the top and then click on the red cross

4. Here you can perform an automatic duplicate check. Activate the checkbox "Find Duplicates". As soon as you click on "Import", a second window opens with duplicates, if there are any.

5. Click on "Import" to upload the list to your event.

Please note:

Before the import you should delete the first row, as it is not a person, but the titles of the Excel list. 

In the attachment there is a demo list with the stored values in the header, which can be used to store the participant data correctly.

Correct completion of the Excel table

It's important to fill in and define all columns correctly. It is the only way to ensure a clean upload and a good availability of all placeholders in the emails. Depending on the intended use, you should fill in other columns in the table. For the use of placeholders, please check the article about placeholders. 

Personal data

1. Language 

  • If your event is multi-lingual, set the participant's language. Thus the guest will automatically receive the mail in the correct language and the event website will be displayed in the correct language.
  • Evenito recognizes the following values in the Excel list: 
    • DE = German 
    • EN = English
    • FR = French
    • IT = Italian
  • If no language has been defined for a guest, it is assigned to the default language.

2. Gender/Salutation

  • The gender can be used for the placeholder %participantGender% in the emails. 
  • Evenito automatically generates the salutation based on the guest's gender (male/female). male. = Dear Mr. / female. = Dear Mrs... 
  • When using this placeholder, make sure that you have defined the gender of all guests. 
  • If the gender is not defined, the gender salutation will not be generated in the email. In the mail, for example, you will see: "Muster" instead of "Dear Mr. Muster". 

3. Greeting

  • Define your guest specific salutation, which you can insert into the mail with the placeholder %participantGreeting%.
  • You have the possibility to address the guests differently.

4. Title

  • Add the academic title of a guest such as Dr. Prof etc.
  • Note: Professional functions such as "CEO" or "Government Councillor" appear in the "Function" column (see item 13).

5. First name: first name of the guest. Corresponding placeholder: %participantFirstname%

6. Last name: Last name of the guest. Corresponding placeholders: %participantLastname%.

7. Email: Email address of the guest. Corresponding placeholder: %email%

Note for 5, 6 and 7: at least two of the following three values must be uploaded per guest. Otherwise the system will give you an error message and the participant will not be imported.

8. Phone/Mobile

9. Birthdate

  • Choose the format as 01.01.2010 and make sure that your Excel does not automatically change the number format to "Date", but leaves it at "Standard" or "Text".

10. Address data: Enter address, P.O. Box / Address 2 ZIP, City, Country and Nationality

Company Details

11. Company: Enter the company of the guest. The information is displayed in the photo report on the Nametags. 

12. Job Title: Enter the function of the guest. The information is displayed in the photo report on the Nametags.

13. Department

14. Reference: The reference is used to deposit a reference. For example, the reference number from the company-internal CRM to identify the guest.

15. Company Phone, Company Mobile/Telephone 2

16. Office

17. Address data companies 

18. Industry

19. Contact data of the assistant: The contact data of the assistance can be recorded, if this is to be included into the communication (for example with VIPs, who have only little time).

20. Include Assistant in Communication/ Use Assistant

  • Activate that the assistant is included in the communication. 
  • You can upload this information in this column (0= No / 1= Yes) or adjust it individually for the participants in the backend. 

21. Website

22. CRM Note: The CRM note is stored in evenito CRM and is available for all events.

23. Personal note Participants

  • Event-specific information can be stored for the individual guest.
  • You can add this information to your email with the placeholder %participantNotes%. This could be for example the seat of the guest. 
  • The personal note per guest is also displayed in our Checkin App.

24. Maximum number of guests

  • In the Excel spreadsheet you can define the maximum number of personal guests for each participant individually. 
  • This value overwrites the general maximum number of companions (per guest) defined in the registration form. 

25. Host: If the contingent management is activated, you can upload the responsible person of the corresponding guest.

26. Category

  • Define which category the corresponding participant belongs to. 
  • Important: You have to define the category name in Excel exactly the same as you have defined it in the menu item "Categories". 
  • For more information, see Categories.

27. Extra fields 

  • In these fields you can upload further individual data. 
  • The information from the extra fields can be inserted into the mail using placeholders: %participantExtraField1%.

28. Participant code

  • The personal participant code, which is normally generated automatically by the system, can also be defined via the Excel upload. 
  • This is particularly useful in two different cases:
    • If you want to send a number of special codes, because the guests are invited by post, e.g. JUBILAEUM1-JUBILAEUM100
    • In the second case, if the login status of a guest is to be reset to neutral. The email with the personal registration code has already been sent. In order for the link to still be valid, the guest must be uploaded again with the same code. The participant code cannot be uploaded by manually entering the participants. 
  • The participant code can be inserted into the email using the placeholder %participantCode%.

29. Newsletter: Enter whether your guest wants to receive the company newsletter or not. Please enter the values with Yes or No.

30. Hidden

  • Define whether the guest is displayed to the public or not. To do this, store the values with Yes or No. 
  • If a guest is stored as "hidden", he is not displayed in the participant list and his photos are not uploaded.

31. Photo email activated: If the function is activated, the Fotomail with its personal photo is automatically sent to the guest. To do this, enter Yes or No for the values.


32. Privacy Consents

  • Set up one column per consent for the import in the Excel list. 
  • The column header should be the same as the consent name.
  • Enter Yes or No for the values, whether the customer has agreed or not.

33. Import login status: If you already know from your guests whether they will come to the event or not, you can import their registration status via Excel (not available for ticketing events)

  • Registered = 30: If the participant has registered, you can insert the number 30. The system automatically takes over the status "registered".
  • Deregistered = 40: If the invited person does not want to come, you can enter a 40 in the line.
  • Neutral = 0: If the status neutral should be imported, i.e. neither registered nor deregistered, then a 0 can be entered in the corresponding line.

Tip: What should I do if the Excel list is not uploaded?

  • Copy the data to a newly created file.
  • Check if two of the three information (name, first name, email) are stored.
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