In "Categories" you can define different guest categories/groups.

  • Categories can be used to address guests in different ways.
  • They can help you to keep track of your event by organizing your guests into different groups (e.g. employees/external or normal/VIP).
  • For each category you can define a specific communication, in form of individual emails or registration form. More detailed explanations can be found in the respective menu item.

1. Define the required categories.

Please note: 

  • The top category is the default category. Guests who are not assigned to a category will automatically be assigned to that category.

2. Category Code: The category code allows you to define a login code for each category. If the login type is private and guests are not invited with their personal code, you can provide them with the category code. The guests can register themselves with the category code and are automatically assigned to that category.

3. Maximal Number of Participants: The maximal number of participants can be set for all categories, i.e. for the whole event.

4. Determine how many participants can register per category. If it is a ticketing event, you can specify how many tickets the guest of this category can purchase.

5. The registration deadline date can be set for each category.

6. The registration deadline time can also be defined per category.

Please note: For an event without ticketing, this is the only way to set the registration deadline. For ticketing events, tickets may also be available for a limited time. More information can be found in the articles on ticketing.

7. Delete a category by clicking on the red minus sign.

8. Add a category by clicking on the green plus sign.

Please note:

Categories are great. In a complex event they allow you to create structure in the participant management. However, unnecessary categories can lead to confusion. That's why we recommend that you handle it in a considerate manner.

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