New: Header Logo and Content

You can now define your content above the header.

You will find this function under Design & Settings > Layout.

1. Header Logo: Upload your company logo, which is displayed full-responsive above the header.

Note: The logo is currently being uploaded in its original size. Therefore you should format the logo accordingly before uploading. For your information: the evenito website is 1200 pixels wide, so the logo should be between 150 and 300 pixels when uploading. 

2. Define the position of the logo. You can choose between:

  • top right
  • top left
  • centred

Logo in the example was uploaded with a width of 200 pixels. 

3. Header Content: you can freely choose which content you want to insert. This can be for example a link to your website, different sponsor logos or a text. 

Please note: for multilingual events, the content must be stored in all languages.

Tip on how to design the content: 

If you want your logo to be aligned to the right and your website link to be aligned to the left above the header, then it is best to make these adjustments with a transparent table (4.).

5. Choose 100% for the size of the table. So it is full-responsive and takes up the whole width of the web page.

6. Set "Border Size" = 0 to make the table transparent.

7. Insert your website URL in the left column.

8. Upload your logo in the right column. Make sure that you enter a percentage in the width of the logo (Between 10 % and 100 %; the logo changes depending on the size) and leave the height empty. So the logo is full-responsive. 

9. Select the right-aligned position of the logo so that it is displayed on the right side of your event website.


The example is displayed as follows on the event web page:

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