Text- Fonts & Colours

In "Text- Fonts & Colours" you can set your font and colour for the website.

 1. Font per text type (e.g. title, normal text)

  • The default font is Arial.
  • Evenito offers the most popular fonts (Arial, Times New Roman, etc.) and has integrated all Google Fonts. These cover most of the popular paid fonts
  • If a Google font has been selected (below the dashed line), a preview of the font can be displayed by moving over the text type (e.g. title, navigation) on the left.
  • It is also possible to deposit your company font, please contact the evenito team, we will be happy to help you.

2. Font size per text type

3. Font colour per text type

4. Mouse over/click: Colour of the element when you click or hover over with the mouse.

5. Change colour: By clicking on the colour field, the colour palette opens. You can add your colour here with the RGB, HSB or HEX code.

6. Buttons, Process Fields: Define the colours for the different buttons and their fonts as well as process windows.

7. Active  Colour in which the button lights up when you move the mouse pointer over it.

8. Passive Colour which is displayed by default.  

Please note: Only the buttons and background colours that you actually need, need to be adjusted.

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