Eventwebpage: Edit sub pages

As soon as a sub page is clicked at "Pages", the settings and the content can be edited. The following settings are displayed for each sub page: 

  1. URL / Web address of the sub page: Here the URL of each sub page can be adapted. Simply click on the Edit button on the right and adjust the address.
  2. Activate/deactivate sub page: Here you can activate or deactivate the sub page. If the sub page is activated, it will be displayed on the event website (if the event has also been activated).
  3. Schedule this page: Here the sub page can be timed. During the entered time span the sub page is displayed on the event website.
  4. Set password: Here you can set a password for every sub page.
  5. Name of the sub page: Here you can define the name of the sub page to be displayed on the event web-app.
  6. Content: Here you can enter general information - e.g. a description or a manual.
  7. Header image per sub page: An individual header image can be uploaded per sub page.
    Simply click on "Search", select the desired image and save it.
    File: .png
    Resolution: min. 800 pixels wide.
    Info: If no individual header image is uploaded per sub page, it takes over the default header image uploaded under "Event Visuals".
  8. Preview this Page in new Tab: By clicking on "Preview the page in a new tab" a preview of the event web page can be generated at any time. All activated and deactivated tabs are displayed in the preview. 


IMPORTANT: don't forget to save after all changes!

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