Overview General

In the menu item "General" (1.) you can define and adjust the basic settings of your event.

2. Event Name

3. Event website URL (web address of the website)

Please note:

  • The name of the URL can be defined by the user. 
  • The following characters are allowed: A-Z, 0-9, -, _ 
  • The following characters are not allowed: period, space
  • Each URL must be individual. Two event websites cannot have the same URL.

4. Date of the event: period in which the event takes place.

5. Privacy settings

6. Define viewer: here a user can be defined as a viewer. For more information about this user role click HERE.

7. partner: If you want to add a partner for this event who also has access to this event, you can add this partner here. Please note that existing companies are listed under partners in evenito. As soon as a partner is linked with the event, all users of this company/organization can access and work in your event. HERE we'll show you how you can create such an organization yourself and link it to the event.

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