Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard (under "My Events" -> "Dashboard") provides an overview of the current participant activities and registration statistics of an event at any time. 

 1. Participant Logs

Listing with the newest participant activities (registration, Invitation Declined,...) By clicking on the name of a certain participant (e.g. Yoann Steiner) an overview of the guest opens, with all recorded data on evenito.

 2. Registration statistics:

Overview of the registration by category:

Sent = number of sent invitation mails

Opened = number of opened invitation mails

Clicked = number of clicked invitation buttons

Registered = Number of registered guests

Checked-in = number of guests checked in

3. Show Full Log 

By clicking on the button "Show Full Log", you get an overview of all previous participant activities.

The drop-down menu there can be used to filter a specific activity, whereupon all participants who have carried out the activity are displayed.


4. Number of uploaded photos

5. Display number of registered participants / total of all guests in evenito (invited, unsubscribed, answer pending)

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