Event easily allows you to create your event website, mailings and ticketing in multiple languages. When creating new events, evenito asks you in which languages the event should be created:

1. Default language: defines which language will be used by default (if no other language is defined for the guest). 

2. Further languages can be selected and added with a click on "Add language".

3. When at least two languages are added, one can be deleted by clicking on the red cross.

Copied event

The language can be adjusted in the menu item "Design & Settings" in the tab "Language". Read more about it here: Copy and adjust event.

Evenito uses the following multilingual logos to indicate which content should be translated into different languages:  

The following contents can be defined in several languages:

Change language

Change the editing language of your event in the upper right corner. 


1. Select the language in which you want to work from the dropdown list.

Please note: click "Save" after each translation adjustment to apply the changes. 

2. Under "Preview this page in new tab" you can preview the event website anytime. 

3. Check the multilingual symbol, which shows you which fields have to be set up in the different languages.

The preview allows you (top right) to navigate between the different languages of the event website.

Please note: if the website is not defined in all event languages, the event website automatically adopts the content of the standard language.

Multilingualism setting for guests

To ensure that every guest is addressed with the right language, this must be defined in evenito. Depending on the type of registration, the language must be stored differently for each participant.

Registration type open

The communication language of the guest is still unknown. Therefore ask for the language of the participant on the registration form. 

Go to "Pages" -> Subpage " Registration" -> Registration form set up. Set the Language field to "Required". Every guest who registers will have to enter his language. 

Privat event

The desired language for each guest must be defined and uploaded in the "Language" column with the Excel upload. Use the following short-notes: German=DE, French= FR, Italian = IT, English = EN

More information on how to upload participant lists can be found here

If you have already uploaded your guests to Evenito under "Participants" or if you want to add a participant manually (see the following article: Add participants manually) you can change the language anytime. 

Open the guest management and click on the edit icon (1.).

In the now opened window you can change the language (2.).

Email Sending multilingual

  • When sending emails, evenito recognizes which language is stored for each guest. 
  • The sending works like a one language event. Select the desired recipients and send the mail. The recipients automatically receive the mail in the language that is stored with them
  • If no language is stored for a guest, he/she receives the mail in the defined standard language.

Please note: 

  • In order for multilingualism to work without gaps, all multilingual elements (provided with the multilingualism symbol) must be translated in the event website and the mails, and the language must be deposited with the guests. 
  • We recommend you to test multilingual events in all languages.
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