Copy and adjust event

The following article shows the essential points which you have to adjust in your copied event or template. 

Once you have created an event in which the design and settings match the CI/CD of your company, you can easily copy these presets and use them for a new event. In the new event, all settings from the copied event are taken over. Only photos and participants are not copied.

Copy event

Under "My Events" you can copy the desired event.

1. Copy your event by clicking on the green "double icon".

2. The copied event is displayed with the current date and the "event name COPY" under "Past Events".

Adjust event


Check under "Design & Settings" the languages in which the copied event is set up.

    1. If a language is missing, add it. 

    2. If there is a language in the event that you no longer need, delete it.


1. If necessary, change the name of the categories

2. Add or remove categories.

3. Important: Adjustment of the "Deadline Date".

In  "General" the following must be adapted

1. Event name (in all languages)

2. Event URL

3. Event start- and end-date


Adjustment of the content of the event subpages

If necessary, change time control ("Schedule this page")or remove it completely

Important: if you have added languages, the subpages have to be named and the content has to be added in this language.


Change the event visual

Upload a new standard header


Check and adjust all mails

Important: if you have added a language, make sure that you also create the mails in that language.


Please note: The event is deactivated by default and must be activated as soon as all adjustments have been made.

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