User Roles

The following article describes the user roles in more detail. In the appendix you will find an overview of all the different users and their rights.


The administrator has full user rights. For example, he can create and edit new events and activate event pages. He can also add new users.

You can add an administrator via "My company" in the User tab.


The editor has limited user rights. He can edit events, but is not allowed to put them live. He can also only edit emails until an administrator has "Activated" them. After that he can only send them.

An administrator can add an editor via "My company" in the User tab.

Host Manager

A host manager is a user who does not belong to your company, but to whom you can assign a contingent of tickets, which he then passes on to third parties. Read more about this in the chapter Host Management.

A host manager can be determined and added by an administrator via "My company" in the User tab.


The viewer has access to the participant list and can export it. He can be assigned to one or more specific events. After the assignment he sees the dashboard, the statistics and the participant list, but cannot edit them. In addition, the Viewer can download tickets from participants.

In order to create a viewer, you must (unlike the other user roles) enter the user in the specific event in the "General" tab (1). as a viewer:

With a click in the field you can either select an already captured viewer or enter a new one under "Add Viewer" (2.). The following window will open:


With the input of the appropriate information, the user can be registered. More information about creating a user can be found HERE.

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