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You have the possibility to create and print the guest badge for your event directly with evenito. Please contact us if you need this feature so that we can activate it for you.

In this article we show you how to put on your badge.

As soon as we have activated the badge function, you can click on "Badge Printing".

Since the position of the badge can vary depending on the paper and printer, you can determine the exact orientation of the badge here. 

Evenito allows you to print the badge either directly from the tool (before the event) or with the check-in app (directly at the event at the check-in), so you can determine the position for both scenarios. The following settings have proven their worth with us:

1. Position from the portal (PDF):

  • X-axis: -5
  • Y-axis: 14
  • scale: 1

2. Position in the check-in App:

  • X-axis: -5
  • Y-axis: 14
  • scale: 0.93 or 0.97

3. Activate the badge edges so that you can accurately determine the position of the badge. Please note that the edge will also be displayed on the print.

4. Click on "Add new badge design" that you can create your badge.

The following window opens:

1. In the content window you can define the letter for the badge. You have the same formatting flexibility as in Pages.

Tip: if you want to create a letterhead, we recommend that you format it with a transparent table (since the editor does not have a tabbed in/out function).

Press the table symbol (a.) and select 0 as the variable in the frame size (b.). You should also set the alignment (c.) to "left".

2. The available placeholders in the badge letter are displayed here. Please make sure that the required information is stored with the participant.

3. Increase the view of the content window by dragging the small arrow in the corner.

4. Delete the badge design.


In the lower section you can customize your badge.

5. choose the category of the badge.

6. your badge can be either one-sided or two-sided (in the example: two-sided badge).

7. define which information should be printed on the badge.

8. for name, function, company and note you can specify which font (title, normal text, heading etc.) you want to use.

9. In the badge preview, you can specify the orientation and position of the content. You can adjust the size of the individual components as well as move them.

10. Press "Preview" to get a preview of the letter including the badge.

11. The preview allows you to download and save (a.) or print (b.) the badge.

We recommend that you perform a test print to ensure that the alignments match your badge paper.

For more information on badge printing in the tool and on the check-in app, read the related articles.


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