Check-In App: Preparations

The event Check-in App is available for iOS devices (iPads and iPhone).

1. Download the " Check-in App" from the App Store: click here. If you already have the app, check if you have the latest version. The app takes the language from your device and not from your evenito account.

2. Connect your iPhone or iPad to WLAN

3. Open evenito Check-in App and login with evenito Login. If there are several check-in employees who do not have a login, it is worthwhile to create your own "check-in user".

4. Select event (if the event does not appear, please contact us so that we can activate the check-in)

5. Select in the filter which guests should be displayed

Optional: activate the camera and the Quick Check-in at the bottom left (only for tickets with QR codes) 

Attention: for events with more than 2'000 participants we recommend to make a backup of all participants before the event. Afterwards all with the status "Cancelled" and "Pending" should be deleted. This allows the system to load faster. After the event, the deleted participants can be added again.

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