Free Ticketing: Ticket Design & Setting

As soon as free ticketing is activated (please contact the evenito team), the ticketing menu appears in the menu bar on the left. In the "Ticket Design & Settings" you can define the following:

  1. Font: Here you can select the font on the ticket.
  2. Source for QR-code: If you plan to check in with the evenito Checkin App, you should definitely activate the QR code.
    1. Ticket code: An encrypted QR code is generated per ticket. Ticket recommended especially for cost obligations.
    2. Participant code: Here the automatically generated participant code is taken from the system. This could alternatively be defined and uploaded by the user in Excel.
  3. Event Name
  4. Event Date
  5. Time
  6. Information Text
    *Mandatory fields: These must be filled in. If you do not want to fill in the information, you can use a dot "." as a workaround. 
  7. Content of the ticket: Choose what you want to show on the ticket:
    1. Ticket Type Name
    2. Price
    3. Participant Note
    4. Participant Name
    5. Organizer: You can fill this in manually
    6. Room: You can fill this in manually
    7. Event Location: You can fill this in manually
  8. Legal information about the Ticket: Here, for example, you can mention that the ticket is not transferable. 
  9. Company Image: Displayed at the top left of the bill.
  10. Image Bottom: Displayed at the bottom of the ticket across the entire page. Here you can also use an event visual, like the header, again. 
  11. Save: As soon as you click on "Save", a preview of the Ticket will be displayed below.

Important: Most fields can be stored in several languages, pay attention to the multilingual symbol. 

Example for a ticket: 


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