Ticket Design & Settings: Tab General

Please note: When the ticketing is not activated yet, please contact support@evenito.com 

In the tab "General" the general ticket settings can be activated.


General Terms and Conditions
1. Upload your own GTCs (optional)

Extra fields for delivery address
2. You can activate the option to enter a physical delivery address. It will be displayed to the ticket purchaser on the ticket registration form.
3. If you activate this feature, the invoice will be sent with the ticket mail as a PDF attachment. Please note: The ticketmail will be sent automatically if it is activated.

Payment methods


4. Insert a description of the ticket column (optional). This will be displayed on the website above the ticket selection (in the example: Seat).


5. Enable or disable the display of the taxed when selecting a ticket.
6. Define further fees which arise when buying a ticket (e.g. postage).
7. Activate this function to ensure that the billing information of your ticket buyers are complete. You can only confirm the participants manually if all billing information (address, country) is stored.
8. Define the currency of your tickets. The following currencies are available:

  • CHF
  • Euro
  • Pound
  • Dollar

9. Set the amount of VAT charged per ticket
10. To activate the credit card payment, please contact the evenito support directly. Payments via VISA, AMEX, Mastercard and Twint are possible.
10. If you have activated the credit card payment, enter the transaction recipient (e.g. event or company name) in the white field, which should be shown on the credit card statement (if nothing is entered, EVENITO AG will be shown as recipient).
11. Activate the cash payment at check-in.
12. Activate the payment by invoice. You can enter the deposit information under "Bill". Please note that evenito is not linked to your bank account. This means that you have to check the incoming payments yourself and adjust the status of the corresponding participant.

Don't forget to confirm everything with "Save" at the end.


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