Ticketing Overview

The use of the ticketing must be activated by evenito. Please contact the support team if you want to use the ticketing for an event. As soon as the ticketing for an event is activated, the ticketing menu appears in the menu bar on the left.

Evenito offers two types of ticketing: 

  • Free ticketingWith free ticketing you can define a (free) ticket type. Instead of the confirmation mail, the ticketing email is sent, whereby the guest receives the ticket including QR code. The registration form looks the same for free ticketing as for regular registration.
  • Paid ticketing: With paid ticketing, any number of ticket types can be created. The tickets can be set up personally or impersonally. You can define which payment methods are used for each event: Cash, invoice or credit card. In the case of paid ticketing, the registration screen differs from that of regular registration

Info: By default, ticket prices include 7.7% VAT. The corresponding amount is listed on the ticket and on the invoice. Please contact the evenito support team if the event is VAT-exempt.

The ticketing menu consists of three main areas: 

  • Ticket design & settings: For the basic settings like payment information (only for paid ticketing) and ticket design. Please set up these basic functions carefully at the beginning so that everything runs smoothly later on.
  • Ticket typesThese can be set to set different prices (for paid ticketing) or to control the time availability.
  • Invoices (only for paid ticketing): Are automatically generated by the tool and can be monitored here.

A detailed description of the ticketing areas and the individual tabs can be found in the other articles in the "My Events: Ticketing" folder.


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