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The event website or just single sub pages can be easily embedded on an external page.

Go to the menu item "Embed content" and choose in the dropdown whether you want to embed the whole event or only a specific sub page (only the activated sub pages from the menu item "Contents & Pages" are displayed in the dropdown):

Copy the entire generated JavaScript embed code and paste it to the desired "embedding location": 



Language (If you have a multilingual event): The default setting of the embed code is the browser language. If you need one embed code per language, you can overwrite the //'locale': 'en' in the code as follows:


  • For German: 'locale': 'de'
  • For English: 'locale': 'en'
  • For French: 'locale': 'fr'
  • For Italian: 'locale': 'it'


=> It is important that you delete the two dashes // in the code. 


IMPORTANT / https: For certain pages it is necessary to change the URL in the code to https. Simply insert a "s" manually after copying.

Example: <div class="evenito-embed" data-source="https://eveni.to/embed/foto-test-event"></div>


Divs: The code can be supplemented manually with further embedding divs.

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