Deleting a photo of a participant

To delete a photo of a participant from the evenito and Google search, proceed as follows:

  1. First you have to search the corresponding picture in the correct event under "Photos"
    1. Click on the photo to enlarge it
    2. Here you can easily delete the picture by clicking on the red "delete" button

  2. As a second step the participant should be removed from the event:
    To do this, simply search for the guest under "Participants" (left bar) and click on the red cross to remove it.

  3. The photo should no longer be available as a link on the event. However, it could still be displayed on Google if you enter the name of the participant, since Google has a cache. If the picture can still be found after a few days, you can request Google to remove outdated content:
    1. You can do this under this link: 
    2. Enter the corresponding photo link directly into the field below the yellow info box.
    3. Click "Request removal" and wait a moment, then the process is finished. 

It may take another few days until Google deletes the entry and it can no longer be found in the search.

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