Status Swiss Email Server

If your account is on the Swiss mail server, the export status is described as follows: 

  • MessageSent: An email has been successfully delivered to its endpoint (either SMTP or HTTP).
  • MessageDelayed: An email has been delayed due to an issue with the receiving endpoint. It will be retried automatically.
  • MessageDeliveryFailed: An email cannot be delivered to its endpoint. This is a permanent failure so it will no be retried.
  • MessageHeld: An email has been held in Postal. This will be because a limit has been reached or your server is in development mode.
  • MessageBounced: We received a bounce message in response to an email which had previously been successfully sent.
  • MessageLinkClicked: A link in one of your outbound messages has been clicked.
  • MessageLoaded: A message you have sent has been loaded. 

If you want to change to the Swiss Email Server, we can make you an offer. 

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