Status of email delivery in export

Once you've sent the email, you can track the sending status after downloading the statistics.

The status of the email can show the following:

  • Sent: the email was successfully sent to the email address.
  • Sending failed - soft bounce: the email has made it to the recipient's mail server (so the email address is known there), but does not reach the recipient himself. A soft bounce occurs when, for example, the recipient's mailbox is full, the server is offline or overloaded, or the email is too large. An automatic reply to your email can also belong to the soft bounces.
  • Sending failed - hard bounce: the email is permanently undeliverable. Reasons for a hard bounce are e.g. invalid addresses (unknown domain name, spelling mistakes etc.). It is possible that the recipient's mail server has also blocked the sender's mail server.
  • Sending failed - Blocked: If an email address had a hard bounce in the past, it will be blocked. After that, the server will no longer send email to this email address.
  • Sending failed - no status - please contact support: the email could not be sent from our mail server. Please contact us on our support tool (


Note: Servers can interpret bounces differently, so the soft bounce of one server may be classified as hard bounce by another server and vice versa.

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